Types Of Flooring You Need To Know

Whether you are looking for wooden flooring for the family room, tiles flooring for the entryway, stone flooring for the kitchen, or laminate flooring throughout the house or office – Sulit has you covered with the best quality flooring options for each and every room. 


Isn’t wood the most classic flooring option you have ever felt under your feet. There are tons of options available if you want to go for wooden flooring. Wooden flooring can be hardwood, softwood, or engineered wood. Wooden flooring is relatively reliable and has a wear-resistant surface. It can also be refinished after years to gain its original look again. This long-lasting flooring type has been in use for years now and gives a rich and classic look to space. But if it is paired with suitable furniture, you can also create a contemporary vibe to space. Wood also gives a warm and cozy feel under-feet. It is perfect for living space and can render a countryside feel to your house. It is easy to clean and environment friendly. 

SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is made with four layers which makes it well-textured and aesthetically pleasing in your home or office. SPC flooring is budget-friendly, waterproof, scratch, stain and fade-resistant and also gives your space a very beautiful style and comfort. SPC does not have to be sanded or sealed, making it really easier to maintain than other luxury floorings and as it is entirely waterproof, you can just grab a damp mop and clean it all!


PVC flooring is a heavy-duty, fully flexible marbled PVC floor covering. PVC flooring comes with a unique marbling pattern all over the thickness. It adds to the aesthetics of the area where it is installed, as it is produced with one base color and two contrast colors for marbling effect by a special hot granulation process that is unique.


Woven flooring is the flooring that will work best for indoor and outdoor use. Woven flooring is also known as woven PVC. It is woven ​​from textile polyester yarn coated with a heavy duty vinyl layer. You can use exclusively woven flooring by Sulit Deco Hub which is a perfect solution for upholstery, walls, acoustic panels and other decorative ideas.


Carpet flooring in your house or office, when finely done, has to have at least once, made you feel like you are walking on the red carpet. Carpet flooring looks very rich, classy and gives you very much comfort to your feet.

Now you know the types of flooring, you can choose the one that fits you just right for your home, office or the next project, the next question that comes straight to your mind is: where do I find the best flooring in Ahmedabad? 

The best answer is Sulit. 

Known for their unmatched expertise in creating bespoke living, you can find the perfection of your home at Sulit. With international collaborations with the brands like Romo, Kirkby Designs, Black Edition, Zinc Textile, and Villa Nova, Sulit is the place you should be going to when you think about getting the best flooring in Ahmedabad.

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