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If you are planning to place an overseas order for furnishing material, there are certain requirements that you need to consider


Define Area

The first step is to define the scope of work. The product selection and the scope of work are finalized over a conference call or a video call.


In the next step, we guide the client through taking measurements by having them send location pictures. We guide them through the process.

Book an appointment

The fabric selection process takes 3-4 hours, a appointment has to be booked. We already get accustomed to their taste before the selection through conversations and multiple rounds of discussions with them.

Selection process

The period of the selection varies from buyer to buyer. Sometimes it takes 2-3 days for the final selection.

Recheck Selection

Once the choice of fabric is finalized, we create a PDF of their final selection and share it with them for final confirmation before we move ahead with it. 


After the final selection, we send them a quotation. The detailed quotation is made end-to-end based on the measurement. It depends upon the height, width, and length of the curtains OR Blinds.

Confirmation with Advance

Once the quotation is cleared, the deal is locked with an advance payment. And once the advance payment is received we show them the selected material which is checked by them.  

Final Product Overview

After the curtains are ready, we show them the final product over a video call. And give an entire overview of the accessories. 


The final stage involves the shipment or delivery process of the finished curtains to the client, thus completing the deal.