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If you are planning to place an overseas order for furnishing material, there are certain requirements that you need to consider


Define Area

Identify the requirements according to place


Measurement is assigning a numerical value to an attribute or property of an object or event.

Measurement Photos & Location

Photo & location are two types of metadata that provide visual and geographic information about a digital image.

Book An Appointment

To book an appointment, please select a date and time that is available and convenient for you.

Fabrics selection

Fabric selection involves choosing the most suitable material for a specific application based on its texture, color, durability, and other desired characteristics.

Recheck selection

Rechecking selection is the process of reviewing and verifying previous choices to ensure they are correct and satisfactory.


A quotation is a formal statement that provides a proposed price for goods or services requested by a customer.

Confirmation & Advance

Advance payment refers to a payment made in advance of the delivery of goods or services to secure a reservation or order.

Material Realistic

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Final Product overview

A final product overview summary of the key features and specifications of a finished product.

Pending payment

You have to pay final pending amount for last step dispach.