The Latest Decor Aesthetic – Vertical Gardens

What is a vertical garden?

Also known as living green walls or moss walls, a vertical garden is a technique where plants are grown on a vertically suspended panel by using hydroponics. These structures can either be attached to a wall or be freestanding. They have been used since ancient times. Modern-day vertical gardens add a pop of nature to modern-day business and can also last up to decades. 

They are an ideal aesthetic instead of potted plants as they are low maintenance. With vertical gardens, you have to maintain just one large panel, and voila! Here is the needed pop in your professional environment. 

Vertical gardens are ideal for lobbies, public walkways, meeting rooms, major corporation headquarters, residential backyards, etc. They add a calm and soothing effect to the space and provide a positive aura. Vertical gardens can be as small as a picture frame or as massive as 60ft, depending upon your space and requirement.  

Exterior Vertical Gardens

Today, vertical gardens make a very fine outdoor aesthetic. They are a sustainable and space-saving way of planting greens and giving revert to nature. Many exterior gardens contain vines, moss, and other plants. They have the advantage of having access to natural sunlight directly in which they thrive.  

They also act as a shield for buildings and also provide insulation from temperature fluctuations, heavy rain, and UV radiation. During summers, they use a process known as evapotranspiration which helps cool the air around it. 

Interior Vertical Gardens 

They not only create a wonderful centerpiece to your interior space but help the natural airflow to your environment. Plants like ficus, calathea, pilea, and ferns are used in vertical gardens. They are very space-efficient and can fill up any empty space on a wall. Chemicals like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide are harmful to the environment and employees in the office environment are exposed to it. Vertical gardens act as a natural clean air system and promote a better breathing atmosphere and a healthier environment. They also create a quieter work environment for building occupants by reducing noise pollution. 

Vertical Succulent Gardens

Succulents are space-efficient, colorful, low maintenance, and also fire-resistant making them popular among plant enthusiasts. They are a great alternative in regions with water shortages. Hence, making them a great plant choice for vertical gardens. 

They have a hard and fleshy exterior which makes them perfect for interiors. Watering and maintenance are needed less for succulents hence, they make a wonderful aesthetic for any space. 

Why Do They Make Perfect Office Decor?

Studies show that green or nature-related views improve the creativity and mental health of the employees, so this is why having a green wall is important. And since offices have people crammed up relatively small spaces, it is necessary to give the office workers the required mental peace and calm.  

Green walls clean the air and improve its quality with the fresh oxygen produced by the plants.  Thus, they are perfect for offices because they can fit a lot of plants in a relatively small space and make the office look better. 

Want a vertical garden? Contact Sulit!

A green office or a green interior in an office has many advantages. It creates a positive aura and makes you feel relaxed and calm. Studies have shown that plants have an enormous effect on improving mood. If you want to install a vertical garden in your space, please contact Sulit – DecorHub today for a consultation.  

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