We just got married!

Just kidding. No, it’s true!

When we were defining our goals, we said that we have a very strong intention to continuously surpass industry benchmarks in terms of design, quality, innovation and value. We are constantly adding the betterment to it all. We are adding more value to our firm with our collaboration. A while back, we collaborated with one of the world’s best flooring and furnishing brands. And we are thrilled to make an announcement for it, with bells on! 

Let’s take a dive to our furnishing and flooring collaborations!


Romo is the founding brand of The Romo Group.Romo has been astonishing the world with its designs since 1980s. Led by Design Director Emily Mould, the Romo studio is no less than Aladdin’s cave of sketches, paintings fabric, and colour charts. Romo collections are launched twice a year through their worldwide network of designers, retailers, distributors and agents.

Black Edition

With the origins derived from couture fashion, Black Edition brings forward 20th Century Abstract art, folk embroidery, Indian Ikat designs and Byzantine glass mosaic; all artistically re-imagined and integrated through stunning colour. With a hand-painted look, ombré shading and age-old artisan techniques, Black Edition gives a sense of faded grandeur, whilst the vibrant colour and subtle use of metallic yarns keep the overall feel sophisticated and modern. Stunning digital prints of large-scale florals are accompanied by intricate embroideries, damask and floral jacquard weaves, spray-dyed velvets and wonderfully tactile multi-coloured stripes.

Kirkby Design

The defining characteristic of Kirkby Design is their unique colour palette. This more than beautiful colour palette is made of neutrals such as Porcini, Bark, Jute and Twine, interspersed with fashionable shades including Orange, Eden, Magenta and Cobalt.

Mark Alexander

The most essential quality of Mark Alexander is their simple designs. The fabrics and wallcoverings are not opulent or fuzzy, not led by transient fashion, but are true to the natural materials from which they are made. Mark Alexander’s fabrics enhance that richness through the use of the finest natural fibres, cashmere, mohair, silk, couture-quality lambswool, and a perpetual favourite, linen. Each design of Mark Alexander is coloured independently to suit the nature of the weave pattern or print, but there is a fluidity that runs through the colours integrating the collections. 

Villa Nova

‘At the heart of every Villa Nova collection is a sense of style and creativity.’

Villa Nova works with the expert weavers and printers to create distinctive and eclectic printed fabrics, decorative weaves, sheers, wallcoverings and cushions complemented by a spectrum of plain and semi-plain weaves. As their signature colour, Villa Nova adds new fashion-forward shades to the palette every season, giving every new launch a fresh appeal.


Creatively led by Justin Marr, Zinc collections are known as seductive, tactile and urban. To our people who love 1970s style, we are bringing you Zinc’s skillfully integrated collections in a predominantly monochromatic palette with accents of vibrant colour. Zinc presents a luxe, versatile fabric & wallcovering range with unexpected elements that ensure the collections are refreshingly different.

We took a vow with the Romo Group to bring you the best decor for your space. All the exclusive collections of the Romo Group will now be available at Sulit Deco Hub, too.

Sulit Deco Hub is not only a place to buy the interior pieces but also a place where you’ll find a wide variety and divergence in art. Every style has to be available to marry your unique choice. And we promise to keep you awestruck with the best art and designs.

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