Home Decoration Ideas

Fundamentals of Home Decor are basic rules of interior decoration to follow that will help you create stylish interior look for your space. There is a difference between Interior design and Interior decoration.

How to decorate the house with amazing designs?

  1. The main style/ Theme

When starting to decorate your space first thing to start with is to define the main style you want your décor to be in. It is possible to mix different styles, however there must be one main style as a base which may be blended with other style elements if preferred.

  1. The colour

When it comes to colours everybody has different preferences. Even the finest of the finest designs can be ruined if the colour of decor does not complement the interiors. So, while choosing a design (sofa/ curtains) keep the colour factor in mind as well.

  1. Texture of decor

 Texture provides not only visual but tactile interest evoking emotional feel. Even the same colour may look different depending on the texture of the chosen material. Solid, translucent, reflective or transparent texture has a direct relation with colour.

  1. Accessories

Unique home décor accessories can create a story about you and your personality as well as give a topic for discussion with guests visiting your home.

  1. Lifestyle

One of the important home décor fundamentals often overlooked is considering your lifestyle. Expert Interior designers and Interior decorators identify this aspect through design brief and can implement it with home décor items. One should consider functionality also while choosing décor accessories. If you are planning to decorate your home yourself do not rush and make sure you take out sufficient time to finalize the complete look.

Here are some home decoration ideas

  1. Living Room:

Living room decoration has no boundaries. Being an area of the house where the family spends most of the time, living rooms should be designed in a manner that every member of the family gets to enjoy it; a tricky thing to achieve. The decor of the living room is the main feature of the home that attracts attention.  The rich colour tones of wallpapers and different texture of flooring represent the enormous energy. The room should have a focal point in interior decoration

  1. Bed room:

Considering bedroom as the cosiest place at home for resting your mind and soul it would be best not to clutter it with decorative items and keep it to the minimum, but rather use texture and colours as the main elements of décor. In a luxury bedroom décor, the main accent can be made on a bed headboard design and a cosy mattress, which may vary in shapes and materials used depending on the overall interior style chosen.

  1. Kitchen: 

The kitchen is the area of the house where functionality must be prioritized considering storage, safety, and convenience of moving around while cooking. Kitchen décor may be as simple as possible with custom cabinetry and unique flooring and wallpapers.

  1. Kid’s Bed room:

Kid’s bedroom décor depends on age. Colours choice depending on the gender of babies is very common. Stepping away from the mainstream kids’ bedroom décor can be very sophisticated and promote the development and creativity in kids’ personalities.

  1. Bathroom:

The bathroom is not the first area of the home that comes to mind when thinking about home décor accessories, but surprisingly it is amazing how you can transform bathroom space from ordinary bathroom into a spa oasis. Luxurious flooring, mirrors, wall frame, a cosy rug, green plants, aromatic candles, and your bathroom become your personal spa experience.

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