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Got bored of the colours in your room? Need a house or room makeover without changing much? Then go for wallpapers! Always go for wallpapers. They are a great way to brighten up the room.  Wallpapers add a sense of style, fun and flair to any home. They not only add aesthetic appeal, but also add to the longevity and durability of your walls. They are beneficial and cost-efficient since it adds a protective layer to the wall that is cleanable and washable. Here is a list of different types of wallpapers that you need to consider while selecting one for your home. 

  • Lining Wallpaper

Made from paper or fiberglass, lining paper is effective for hiding defects and minimizing repairs. It is not a decorative wallpaper. It is applied on bare walls or ceilings in preparation for paintings or papering with decorative wallpaper. 

  • Traditional Wallpaper

This is one of the most popular types of wallpaper. Traditional wallpapers need an adhesive that needs to be soaked or pasted onto the wall before applying the paper. It also reduces the possibility of the wallpaper expanding or contracting to almost nil.

  • Vinyl Wallpaper

This is a very popular type of wallpaper. This type of wallpaper is the most commonly used wallpaper because of its high durability. Vinyl paper can withstand steam so it is suitable for  kitchens and bathrooms. It can also be washed, making it easy for maintenance.  

  • Grasscloth Wallpaper

It is made from hand-woven strands of natural fibers on an unpasted rice paper backing such as hemp, jute, arrowroot grass, bamboo, sea grass and raffia. This wallpaper is difficult to clean, so stains should be spot treated and dirt should be vacuum cleaned. Special grasscloths require professional cleaning. 

  • Embossed Wallpaper

Embossed Wallpapers are quite similar to Anaglypta but with a decorative finish. They add depth and an interesting contrast to plain walls. The textures range from delicate and soft-fabric inspired imprints to dramatic geometrics. They come in natural colors which coordinate with most other accents and feature colours such as cream, stone and taupe. They can also hide wall defects such as scratches and cracks. 

  • Non-Woven Wallpaper

It is an innovative mixture of synthetic and natural fibres which are also used for making coffee filters, gauze and tea bags making them breathable. The fibres are combined with binders, reinforced with acrylates and usually blended with extra pigments to ensure opacity. They are also tear-resistant which is a great advantage. They are user friendly and eco friendly and easy to install. 

  • Prepasted Wallpaper

Prepasted wallpaper means that they already have adhesive applied at the back of it. The glue is dry and needs to be activated by wetting the back of the paper. Typically, these types of wallpapers are used by people who prefer to do it themselves rather than hire someone to do their home improvement projects. 

  • Liquid Wallpaper 

These wallpapers are eco-friendly, easy to apply and only require water to be added. Unlike normal wallpapers, they can also be touched-up when required by the homeowner themselves.  They consist of cellulose and cotton fibre and take only 24-hours to fully dry. 

  • Fabric Wallpaper

Fabric wallpapers are elite-class products. They create a sense of well being. They can be made of raffia, silk, cotton, linen, felt, twines or feathers. They are breathable, flame-retardant, stain resistant and provide insulation quality to the walls. They are perfect for renters and homeowners who want a temporary solution to their bare walls. 

  • Bamboo Wallpaper 

It is a handcrafted wallpaper made from bamboo. Made with environment-friendly natural material, this wallpaper is made by applying bamboo reeds or vines onto a paper backed with glue. Since it is made from natural materials, it can be affected by high moisture and isn’t very cleanable. Bamboo is also said to have antiseptic properties, so it not only prevents moss from growing but also kills germs to some extent. 

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