Guide To Different Types Of Curtains

Blinds and Curtains have the power to change the look and feel of your home or office interiors completely. We at Sulit work towards offering you what you desire the best and what matches the style of your home and its decor theme. 

In this article, you can learn more about the types of curtains so that when you go to buy the best curtains in Ahmedabad, you know what exactly to look for as per your decor theme.

  1. Panel Pair Curtains

Panel pair curtains make for two separate curtain panels. This type of curtains are popular in classic and contemporary styles of decor themes. With a panel pair curtain, you place a curtain on either side of the window.

  1. Lace Curtains

Laces are considered to be one of the prettiest ever made of the fantasy of nature. Laces are those emotion-evoking embroideries in the air that make for the best types of curtains to make for the elegant, graceful, romantic and amorous decor environment. Lacy curtains make the best choice for the bedrooms.

  1. Window Scarf

A window scarf is basically a scarf for the windows, The basic purpose of a window scarf is to create an eye-catching pattern in your decor theme. Window scarves are a great way to create a dramatic effect to the conventional window treatment. 

  1. Blinds

Window blinds are also known as roman curtains. When you are looking forward to some privacy and also control some amount of light, blind curtains are the perfect option for you. These curtains are ideal for office, corporate and home decor.

  1. Sheer Curtains

Are you looking for a curtain that allows an adequate amount of light into the room and also looks soft, romantic and aesthetically pleasing as well? That’s when sheer curtains might be the best option for you. You can opt for light coloured curtains to make the best out of your curtain decor. Being thin and almost transparent sheer curtains allow the most of the daylight in the room. These are ideal when you want curtains for the dining room or the living room. 

  1. Opaque Curtains

Opaque curtains make sure no light travels through the curtains. Offering the peace and quiet you need with some privacy, opaque curtains are the best option to go for when choosing curtains for the spaces like bedrooms, meeting rooms and spaces that are exposed to a lot of sunlight in the daytime. 

  1. Semi-opaque Curtains

Semi-opaque curtains are the curtains you choose when you cannot decide between opaque curtains and sheer curtains. Semi-opaque curtains offer some amount of privacy and also control certain amounts of sunlight 

Now you know the types of curtains, you can choose the one that fits you just right for your home, office or the next project, the next question that comes straight to your mind is: where do I find the best curtains in Ahmedabad

The best answer is Sulit

Known for their unmatched expertise of creating a bespoke living, you can find the perfection of your home at Sulit. With international collaborations with the brands like Romo, Kirkby Designs, Black Edition, Zinc Textile and Villa Nova, Sulit is the place you should be going to when you think about getting the best curtains in Ahmedabad.

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