Ideal Ratio To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Interior

When you are thinking about giving your house a new look from the inside, what do you think about? Trendy colours, minimal prints, iconic interior pieces, wall arts or even the new floor? Well, this is your place to get started. We are sharing with you the ideal ratio to keep in mind when adding items to your wishlist. Make sure you keep your notes and read this while sitting in the same room which you want to get redesigned.

The Ideal Dining Room

When you sit to eat on a dining table, you don’t want your legs hanging or your knees to be bent bit too much, your legs bump into one another and neither do you want your elbows to bump into each other while eating. What you want is a comfortable place to sit while munching and gossipping about your workday. 

The ideal dining table height is 74cm, with 45cm of legroom and 75cm of space between the table and the wall so you can get up and sit down comfortably. Each place setting should be about 65cm wide.

Extending Your Space

None of us want to feel like we are caged. We want a space that gives us enough space to move freely. And that has become even harder looking at the rising real estate prices. And in that case, when your guests come home, you still want your new house to look a little bigger than it really is.

The ideal size of a window should be 20% of the size of the wall. That is the ideal ratio of a window on a wall to make it create an illusion of big.

It is best when the window faces an outside view because that’s how the outside landscape automatically becomes an extension of the inside space, making the space look larger.

The 70/30 Ratio

When you want to keep it minimal and yet, incorporate a classy feel, you can choose to split the colours and the space into a 70/30 ratio. Get your proportions right and balance different styles within the same space. A guaranteed way to give a room character is to decorate about 70% of it in a particular style then complete the remaining 30% in a completely different style.

Use The Power Of Three

The odd numbers have the power to make it look everything not just not-odd but also, fantastic. Use three, five or seven chairs. Put three cushions on the sofa. Put one vase and two candles on the table. Put three posters on the wall. When you use the power of three, it forces the eye of the visitor to move freely around the display, creating a level of visual interest that symmetrical, even-numbered arrangements simply can’t even compete with.

Now you know the basic fundamentals of how to style your home or office better, the next question that comes straight to your mind is: where do I find interior decor items that are perfectly proportionate? 

The best answer is. Sulit. 

At Sulit, you can find the perfection of your home. With international collaborations with the brands like Romo, Kirkby Designs, Black Edition, Zinc Textile and Villa Nova, Sulit is the place you should be going to when you think about giving your home/office a distinctive style.

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