When it comes to redoing your furniture and its upholstery fabrics, it is better to have some basic information about the fabric that you will see in the market. If you are new to the world of upholstery, have a look at the types of upholstery fabric and decide which type will best suit your home’s needs.

Velvet Sofa Fabrics

When your furniture wears some velvet, it looks breathtakingly beautiful, elegant, the most beautiful and attractive, all at the same time. Velvet is luxuriously soft, looks regal, has excellent insulation properties and accentuates the volumetric form of whichever piece of furniture it covers.

Linen Sofa Fabrics

Linen is known as one of the strongest fabric with the best durability. It is eco-friendly, soft to touch, has the slubby texture with an alluring feel of linen and also comes with the natural luster and sheen. Linen is also antibacterial and resistant to mildew while it even looks extremely elegant. 

Cotton Sofa Fabrics

Being the natural fiber, it won’t fade or wear out. Pure cotton can be a very good choice for upholstery as it is very comfortable, blends well with synthetic fibers and adds the texture and durability to your furniture although cotton can be a little less resistant to wrinkling and soiling.

Leather Sofa Fabrics


Leather is one of the best choices when it comes to choosing for luxury and the high-class style of upholstery. Apart from being a little expensive than other types of fabric, leather is easy to clean, easy to maintain, hides scratches, suitable for rash usages and even ages well, lasts for a long time, giving you more comfort over time. It’s so easy to maintain that a simple wipe with a wet cloth can clean that liquid stain as leather does not absorb liquid or stains. And even that smell won’t stay. 

Rayon Sofa Fabrics

Being a pocket-friendly semi-synthetic fabric as it is made from wood chip fibers, rayon offers the good blending qualities, fine durability and a good fight against moths and mildew. Rayon was first made to imitate linen and silk but the newer varieties of rayon offer some durability, though rayon is the very soft and comfortable fabric for the upholstery in your home.

Wool Sofa Fabrics

When you think of wool, some words like, soft, cozy, warm and comfortable automatically comes to our minds. And it’s a good thing because wool, asking a little more of your pocket, is a great option to go for when you want your leisure time to be one of the most relaxing times. Wool does not fade, wrinkle, fights fire, moisture, mold and mildew. The best thing about wool would be that it stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Silk Sofa Fabrics

Silks are the diamonds of the house. If taken care properly, silks on upholstery can last for a very long time. Silk knows how to retain its shape well, has the luxurious and high-class feeling to it and known for its unmatched shine, and softness.

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